Simple Guidelines for Part 1 of RTR (A)

Simple Guidelines for Part 1 of RTR (A)



This exam is conducted by the Min of Communication every two month in the fourth week of the month but only at one centre in India. Monday to Wednesday for fresh candidates & on Thursday for licence holders for renewal. For renewal only transmission test is necessary every fifth year. The Schedule is as follows:

April = Delhi, June = Chennai, August = Calcutta, October = Delhi, December = Hyderabad, February = Mumbai

Part –I

It is the transmission test. Q paper is given along with the route charts. Select the correct route chart for the written question. Draw a rough diagram of the route & put Qs in the sequence of the events. Write ETD ETAs as per your convenience to make your Tx easy. You get only 25 minutes to do rough work & finish the transmission. So do not waste time. Practise call frequently before the exam. Imp points / must Dos:


  1. Follow the principle of 4 C’s…(Crisp, Clear, Concise and Correct)
  1. Say out after the ‘Blind Transmission’ the second time you transmit.
  1. Read the full Q paper till the footnote. At times footnote compels you to select the most correct route chart.
  1. Only practice will sail you through this exam.
  1. Use more Q code for more score. Following are favourite Q codes expected by the examiner from the candidate.

(a)  QTI = Magnetic Heading.

(b)  QTI = Speed (TAS)

(c)  QBD = Endurance.

Q Codes Used in Aviation

  1. Always use full call sign for transmission. Short form of your call sign is the prerogative of the examiner. Just do what the examiner wants because there is a yawning variation in the procedures which are actually used in ht aviation & the theoretical procedure of transmission.
  1. Treat the examiner by saying “ Crocodile, your back is very smooth”!
  1. All the best!

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