Rule 39C

Procedure of Applying for Issue of FRTOL 21

Procedure of Applying for Issue of FRTOL


For Issue of FRTOL you need to send an application to 

The Director Training & Licensing,

O/O The Director General Of Civil Aviation,

Civil Aviation Department,

NEW DELHI – 110 003


The Format of Application for issue of FRTOL is as given below along with the documents that need to be submitted in original.



The Director Training & Licensing,

O/O The Director General Of Civil Aviation,

Civil Aviation Department,

NEW DELHI – 110 003



Subject : Issue of  FRTOL in respect of RTR(A)/(P) no: XXXXX and FAA/CASA/NZ CPL:XXXXXX


Dear Sir/Madam,

I, First Name Last.Name, Computer No: P-XXXXXXX, Medical File No: XXXX/2010, hold FAA/CASA CPL No: XXXXXXX and RTR(A) : XXXXXX  from Sanchar Bhawan (WPC). 

I have to do recency from India so that I can convert my FAA CPL to Indian CPL or just mention that I have to do my CPL/ ATPL from India for which I need my FRTOL.

It is requested that a FRTOL be issued at the earliest so that I can complete my flying hours in India and submit my documents for conversion/ issue of CPL/ ATPL

The following document are enclosed:


Enclosed List of all documents

  1. Indian RTR(A)— Original and copy
  2. Verification 10th and 12th Mark Sheet—- Original and copy
  3. Verification 10th and 12th Pass Certificate— Original and copy
  4. 12th Mark sheet & Pass Certificate— Original and copy
  5. 10th Mark sheet & Pass Certificate— Original and copy
  6. Original DGCA Class1 Medical Assessment.
  7. Foreign (FAA) CPL License — Original and copy
  8. FAA Class1 Medical assessment — Original and copy
  9. 2 Passport size photographs.
  10. Demand Draft of Rs. 5000/-, No XXXXXX dated 03/09/2012 ,Payable New-Delhi, in Favor Of PAO DGCA MCA Payable New-Delhi.



It is requested that the license may be issued at the earliest and the originals be returned


Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,




_____________                                                                                             Date :  



Procedure for Issue of FRTOL

Arunaksha Nandy

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21 thoughts on “Procedure of Applying for Issue of FRTOL

  • Mohit


    I will be starting my flight training in India. I have recently received my RTR(A) licence from WPC and would like to send my application for FRTOL. I have 10th and 12th verification and a valid class 1 medical too. Can I apply for FRTOL if I do not have any pilot licence at present or do I need an SPL?

    Kindly reply asap

    • Arunaksha Nandy Post author

      Yes you can apply for it without SPL. In fact your SPL will be issued after you get your FRTOL.

        • Arunaksha Nandy Post author

          Shashank you need to get your civil medical done before you apply for FRTOL. Its easy for you just take an appointment in the centres mentioned in the DGCA website and get it done. Being a defence pilot you can get your Class 1 medical done directly

  • Eshan Juneja

    I have a valid FAA CPL and recently got my RTR(A) issued.
    Since I got my class X and class XII mark sheets verified and sent to the DGCA for issue of Computer number, is it required to get them verified again from CBSE? Or with an attested (by a gazetted officer) copy suffice? Also, how long does the FRTOL take to be issued? Is there anything that can be done to speed up the process?

    • Arunaksha Nandy Post author

      There is no requirement of getting the certificates verified again if you have a copy of verification. Just get it attested and write an application saying that the original was deposited at the time of allotment of computer number.
      I cannot tell you exactly how many days it takes for issue of FRTOL from DGCA. it varies from 15 days to a month. Well I think you know the answer of how to get it speed up. I cannot help you there. Whether to take that path or not is entirely your decision.

  • Vasant Raj

    Hello Anuraksha Nandy,
    I have got my the X std DOB cert and the XII std pass cert which contains the subjects in which passed, verified by the CBSE board. Do I need to send the mark sheet of both also for applying for frtol, along with the documents mentioned above. Request advise..

  • vasant raj

    Hi Arunaksha Nandy,
    i am not sure if you are getting my message. kindly advise if the original marksheet are mandatory documents and can they be submitted without verification by CBSE. i have got my DOB cert (Xstd) and XII Pass cert (which contains all the subjects that i have passed in the XII std) verified. is the markesheet with verification madatory? kindly advise..

  • Kumari Khushboo

    Dear Nandi,

    I would like to renew my FRTOL. Please guide me how i can apply for the renewal. i Also want to know how much renewal fee i have to pay for the renewal of FRTOL as per DGCA.


  • arijit sarkar

    thanks NANDY for this huge help. i did send my frtol application with all original documents. and from that day onwards i couldnt sleep properly. i am dreaming all the time that they lost all my documents. i know that stupid but anything that kind happened where to contact for this issue? are they gonna send back originals with issued frtol or separately?

    • Arunaksha Nandy Post author

      Hi Arijit,
      You are most welcome. Don’t worry too much on that issue. they will send back all your original documents along with your FRTOL.
      In case you want to contact DGCA about it, their no. is on the website, but most of the time they don’t pick up. In case you have someone in Delhi, then you can ask him/her to go to DGCA and check the progress.

    • Marco polo

      Hey Arijit Sarkar, Did you get your originals back properly?
      how long did it take for them to issue you the FRTOL?
      I am applying now, any tips and trick are most welcome and appreciated.

  • Marco polo

    Sir I have an RTR (A), class 1 medical, FAA license, 10th and 12th original certificates.
    I want to apply for the FRTOL, as per your instructions we have to send the verification certificates as well as the originals. but the CBSE board is saying they cant send me the verification certificate they will send it directly to the DGCA. has this worked before? that i send all the documents from my side, except the 10th verification. and that 10th verification certificate comes from the CBSE directly to DGCA. will the dgca accept this? DGCA is not at all helpful in this matter, i tried calling the L2 section 1000s of times, it never gets picked up. and when it does once in a blue moon, they just pick up and hang up. PLEASE HELP.

  • mayur

    Thanks Nandy for the Guide.
    I need to renew my DGCA CPL and FRTOL . All of them expire on 28th February.
    can you please guide me for the FRTOL Renewal the (whole procedure). I have never used the bharatkosh website so am a little lost at the moment.

    • Arunaksha Nandy Post author

      Dear Mayur,
      Go to DGCA site, i.e.
      on top there are headings, take the cursor on rules,take it to circulars and then flight crew licensing. click on it. full circulars will open. check 2010. you will find, “FCL 1 of 2010 Rev. 3, 29th March 2016 – Procedure for renewal of licences at regional offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.” in green updated will be blinking. click on this and you will get Annex A and Annex B. download and fill this form.
      Along with this form you will need
      1. Valid medical assessment (original and copy)
      2. Log Book
      3. Licenses (original and copy)
      4. Rs 2500 has to be paid online fee.(link is on the right hand side of the DGCA page)
      5. Covering letter

      Mail all this and then have patience (Its DGCA).

      Hope this helps.

      Capt. Arunaksha Nandy