Human Performance (Questions) In Aviation


1 An overstressed pilot may show the following symptoms:
1. mental blocks, confusion and channelized attention
2. resignation, frustration, rage
3. deterioration in motor coordination
4. high pitch voice and fast speaking

A 1 and 2 are correct, 3 and 4 are false
B 1and 3 are correct, 2 and 4 are false
C 1, 2, 3 and 4 are correct
D 1, 2 and 3 are correct, 4 is false

2 The following applies for the physical properties of gases:
A at sea-level a gas has 1/3 of the volume it would have at 27000 ft
B at an altitude of 18 000 ft a gas volume is three times as large as it would be at sea-level
C a water vapour saturated gas at 34 000 ft has 6 times its volume as it would have at sea-level
D at an altitude of 63 000 ft water will boil at temperature of 65°C

3 The chemical composition of the earth´s atmosphere (I C A O standard atmosphere) is
A 71 % nitrogen, 28 % oxygen, 0,9 % argon, 0,03 % carbon dioxide
B 78 % nitrogen, 28 % oxygen, 0,9 % carbon dioxide, 0,03 % argon
C 78 % nitrogen, 21 % oxygen, 0,9 % carbon dioxide, 0,03 % argon
D 78 % nitrogen, 21 % oxygen, 0,9 % argon, 0,03 % carbon dioxide

4 Following a rapid decompression at 30.000 feet, the time of useful consciousness would be about:
A 5 to 10 minutes
B 10 to 12 minutes
C 1 to 2 minutes
D 3 to 5 minutes

5 Hypoxia can be prevented when the pilot
A is using additional oxygen when flying above 10.000 feet
B is relying on the body’s built in warning system recognizing any stage of hypoxia
C is swallowing, yawing and applying the Valsalva method
D will not exceed 20 000 FT cabin pressure altitude

6 After SCUBA diving (more than 30 feet of depth) you have to wait a period of time before flying again. This period is at least:
A 48 hours
B 12 hours
C 6 hours
D 24 hours

7 During hyperventilation:
A acidity level of the blood is reduced
B alkalinity level of the blood is reduced
C oxygen concentration of the blood is below normal
D nitrogen concentration of the blood is above normal

8 The rate and depth of breathing is primarily regulated by the concentration of:
A oxygen in the cells
B water vapour in the alveoli
C nitrogen in the air
D carbon dioxide in the blood

9 What is meant by presbycusis?
A Gradual onset of long-sightedness with age.
B Total loss of hearing in both ears due to disease.
C Total loss of hearing in one ear due to use of a headset in the cockpit.
D Gradual loss of hearing with age.

10 To optimise one’s night-vision performance, it is necessary:
– 1: to spend some time getting adapted to low levels of illumination
– 2: to increase the instrument panel lighting by reducing the cockpit lighting
– 3: not to focus on the point to be observed
– 4: to avoid blinding

A 2
B 2,3,4
C 1,2,4
D 1,3,4



11 Angular accelerations are picked up in the inner ear by
A the semicircular canals
B the tympanum
C the saccule and the utricle
D the cochlea

12 Which of the following illusions are brought about by conflicts between the visual system and the vestibular system ?
-1: Illusions concerning the attitude of the aircraft
-2: Autokinetic illusion (fixed point viewed as moving)
-3: Illusions when estimating the size and distance of objects
-4: Illusions of rotation

A 1,4
B 2,3,4
C 2
D 3,4

13 What should a pilot do if he has no information about the dimensions of the runway and the condition of the terrain underneath the approach? He should A make an instrument approach and be aware of the illusory effects that can be induced
B be aware that approaches over downsloping terrain will make him believe that he is higher than actual
C make a visual approach and call the tower for assistance
D be aware that approaches over water always make the pilot feel that he is lower than actual height

14 On experiencing a vestibular illusion in straight and level flight, it is recommended that:
A you rely on your sensations only, as humans are much more reliable than flight instruments
B you close your eyes for a moment so that the oculo-vestibular conflict disappears
C you tilt your head to the side opposite to the turn to nullify the stimulus causing the illusion
D you avoid head movements and rely on your instruments

15 Among the symptoms of hypoglycaemia are:
A Headache and lack of concentration
B Double vision and puffiness around the eyes
C Severe eye and head aches
D Difficulty in focussing on near-by objects

16 To prevent gastro-intestinal problems in tropical climates you should:
1. not eat salad or raw vegetables
2. always peel fruit
3. only eat food that has been properly cooked
4. avoid ice-cream

Which of the following lists all the correct answers?
A 1, 2, 3 and 4
B 1 and 2
C 1, 2 and 3
D 2 and 4

17 When drugs against sleep disorders and/or nervosity have been taken and the pilot intends to fly, attention has to be paid to
A the effect they have on hearing
B the effect they have on reaction time and perceptional awareness
C schedule only those pilots, who show no reactions to these medications
D the fact that there is no difference in the quality of sleep produced under the influence of those drugs compared to normal drug-free sleep

18 With regard to the level of automation of behaviours in the attention mechanism, we know that:
A the more behaviour is automated, the more it requires attention and the less it frees resources
B the less behaviour is automated, the less it requires attention and the more it frees resources
C the more behaviour is automated, the less it requires conscious attention and thus the more it frees mental resources
D the more behaviour is automated, the more it requires attention and the more it frees Resources

19 The first stage in the information process is
A the recognition of information
B selective attention
C perception
D sensory stimulation

20 Working memory:
A is sensitive to interruptions which may erase all or some of its content
B is unlimited in size
C is unlimited in duration
D varies considerably in size between an expert pilot and a novice pilot



21 Which of the following statements summarises the impact that motivation may have on attention ?
A It increases the mobilisation of energy and thus facilitates the quality of alertness and attention
B It only facilitates attention in extreme cases (risk of death)
C Motivation has only a small effect on attention, but it facilitates alertness
D It stimulates attention but may lead to phases of low arousal

22 To resynchronize a circadian rhythm, it takes more time after:
A south-north flights
B north-south flights
C westbound flights
D eastbound flights

23 Stress management programmes usually involve:
A the prevention and/or the removal of stress
B only the removal of stress
C only the prevention of stress
D the use of psychoactive drugs

24 As a result of automation in cockpits,
A communication and coordination call for an even greater effort on the part of the crew members
B it is easier for the captain to monitor the work of the first officer and vice versa
C the need for communication between crew members has been decreased
D communication and coordination have clearly improved in man-man and man-machine relations



1. C        11. A      21. A
2. A       12. A     22. D
3. D       13. A     23. A
4. C       14. D     24. A
5. A       15. A
6. D      16. A
7. A       17. B
8. D      18. C
9. D      19. D
10. C    20. A




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