GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation System (GAGAN)

GPS-Aided Geo-Augmented Navigation

Type:                        Regional Satellite based augmentation system
Developed By:        ISRO, Raytheon, AAI
Accuracy:                1.5 M in Horizontal
                                  2.5 M in Vertical
Orbital Radius:     26,600 Km
The project has established 15 Indian Reference Stations, 3 Indian Navigation Land Uplink Stations, 3 Indian Mission Control Centers, and installation of all associated software and communication links. It will be able to help pilots to navigate in the Indian airspace by an accuracy of 3 m. This will be helpful for landing aircraft in tough weather and terrain.
The GPS aided geo augmented navigation or GPS and geo-augmented navigation system (GAGAN) is an implementation of a regional Regional Satellite based augmentation system (SBAS) by the Indian Government. It is a system to improve the accuracy of a GNSS Receiver by providing reference signals.
GAGAN provides autonomous, high precision geo-spatial location information of the user in terms of latitude, longitude and height along with velocity and time

The benefits of GAGAN include improved efficiency, direct routes, increased fuel savings, approach with vertical guidance at runways, significant cost savings due to withdrawal of ground aids and reduced workload of flight crew and Air Traffic Controllers.GAGAN will provide augmentation service for GPS over the country, Bay of Bengal, South East Asia and Middle East expanding up to Africa.

Effective Flight-Management System

A flight-management system based on GAGAN will then save operators time and money by managing climb, descent and engine performance profiles. The FMS will improve the efficiency and flexibility by increasing the use of operator-preferred trajectories. It will improve airport and airspace access in all weather conditions, and the ability to meet the environmental and obstacle clearance constraints. It will also enhance reliability and reduce delays by defining more precise terminal area procedures that feature parallel routes and environmentally optimised airspace corridors.

  • GAGAN will increase safety by using a three-dimensional approach operation with course guidance to the runway, which will reduce the risk of controlled flight into terrain i.e., an accident whereby an airworthy aircraft, under pilot control, inadvertently flies into terrain, an obstacle, or water.
  • GAGAN will also offer high position accuracies over a wide geographical area like the Indian airspace. These positions accuracies will be simultaneously available to 80 civilian and more than 200 non-civilian airports and airfields and will facilitate an increase in the number of airports to 500 as planned. These position accuracies can be further enhanced with ground based augmentation system.


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