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Doc 4444 Air Traffic Management (PANS)


Arrival Chart

CAP 413 Radio Telephony Manual

CARS aeronautical Information Services

CARS Air Traffic Services

CARS for Communication Procedures

DGCA CARS on Rules Of Air

Powerpoint of Basic Electricity

Location Indicators


Powerpoint on Basic Radio Theory

Result of RTR Exam held at Delhi in Oct-2014


Powerpoint on Sample RT Calls

pilot instructions to apply for CPL/ATPL

pilot_reference Books for exams

Q Paper 1 Tech Gen

Q Paper Air Nav

Q Paper Air Regs

Q Paper Av Met

Q Paper Composite

Q Paper Radio Aids

Q Paper2 Air Nav

Q Paper2 Av Met

Q Paper2 Tech gen

C172R Question 2003 format_1

Ready reckoner 172 R Notes

Tech Specific 172 R

Form for ATPL

Form For ATPL Helicopters

Issue or Conversion of ATPL

IR Form aeroplane



Rt Check list COP

REON 5 Volare questions – Instrumentation 

REON 5 Volare answers – Instrumentation 

REON 6 Volare questions – Mass and Balance 

REON 6 Volare answers – Mass and Balance 

REON 7 Volare questions – Meteorology

REON 7 Volare answers – Meteorology

REON 8 Volare questions – Navigation 

REON 8 Volare answers – Navigation

REON 12 Volare questions – Radio Nav Final

REON 12 Volare answers – Radio Nav Final

Air Regulations

R.k.Bali 20 Q.P

R.k.Bali 20 Q.P (1)

R.k.Bali 20 Q.P (2)

R.k.Bali 20 Q.P (3)


Fundamentals of Airplane Flight Mechanics