Doppler VOR

Doppler VOR


A simple to the point definition of Doppler VOR for your RTR, DGCA Radio Aids Viva or for just basic knowledge.

Doppler VOR:  Doppler VOR uses an aerial array of 50 aerials spread on 44ft diameter compared to 10 ft high and 6 ft in diameter cylindrical structure for conventional VOR. It transmits reference signal of 30 Hz AM and Variable signal of 30 Hz FM on the station carrier frequency, just the reverse of conventional VOR. Rest of the operation and equipment being similar, it reduces the effect of terrain and eliminates siting error to a very great extent.


Uses:  VOR is used for

1)   Homing or Tracking In

2)   Tracking out

3)   Position line

4)   Route navigation

Doppler VOR Antenna

Doppler VOR








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