HANDLING EMERGENCY Most of us will go through our entire careers without ever having to declare an emergency leave aside Handling Emergency.  For those who do pull the short straw however, there are some basic considerations that apply, regardless of the specific problem(s). The  desired  outcome  for  any  emergency  situation  is  a  controlled  rate  of descent […]

RadioTelephony General Procedures

RadioTelephony In Aviation? Introduction Radio telephony provides the means by which pilots and ground personnel communicate with each other. Used properly, the information and instructions transmitted are of vital importance in assisting in the safe and expeditious operation of aircraft. However, the use of non-standard procedures and phraseology can cause misunderstanding. Incidents and accidents have occurred in which a […]

Flight Performance and Planning (Questions)

FLIGHT PERFORMANCE AND PLANNING QUESTIONS PERFORMANCE 1 Any acceleration in climb, with a constant power setting, A improves the climb gradient if the airspeed is below VX. B decreases the rate of climb and the angle of climb. C decreases rate of climb and increases angle of climb. D improves the rate of climb if […]

Meteorology (Questions) For CPL/ ATPL

METEOROLOGY QUESTIONS FOR CPL/ ATPL 1 The average height of the tropopause at 50°N is about A 14 km B 16 km C 11 km D 8 km 2 In the lower part of the stratosphere the temperature A is almost constant B decreases with altitude C increases with altitude D increases at first and […]

Mental DR Calculation (One in 60 Rule)

MENTAL DR NAVIGATION Quick mental methods are extensively used in navigation and can also be applied by aviators in checking flight plans or estimating alterations of heading. They are particularly useful in estimating final airspeed changes to make good a timing point, when delay might leave insufficient time for a change within the aircraft’s speed […]

Rule 39C

Downloads For RTR, CPL, ATPL

Guys, I know the site was opened with intention of spreading awareness of Radio Telephony. However, I have started adding stuff which will help people in their endeavour to appear in CPL exam also. Therefore you will find some stuff coming up in downloads section which will be towards CPL and ATPL and not just […]