RTR (A) overview

Simple Guidelines for Part 1 of RTR (A)

Simple Guidelines for Part 1 of RTR (A)   RTR(A) This exam is conducted by the Min of Communication every two month in the fourth week of the month but only at one centre in India. Monday to Wednesday for fresh candidates & on Thursday for licence holders for renewal. For renewal only transmission test […]

RTR and CPL Classes

Classes for RTR, Delhi attempt will start from 8th Mar 2015 at Sector 49 Gurgaon. Interested people may call on the number provided or contact through the website. Classes for Technical General, Navigation, Radio Aids and Met by experienced Ex Air Force Fighter Pilot (09958236906) and Capt Ankur Goyal (07065431027, 09671846612). Interested people can contact […]

Doppler VOR

Doppler VOR   A simple to the point definition of Doppler VOR for your RTR, DGCA Radio Aids Viva or for just basic knowledge. Doppler VOR:  Doppler VOR uses an aerial array of 50 aerials spread on 44ft diameter compared to 10 ft high and 6 ft in diameter cylindrical structure for conventional VOR. It […]

RTR (A) List Of Documents

RTR (A) List Of Documents These are the documents you need to learn for the Part 2 of RTR (A). Go Through the ones under the telecommunication head. Read the Annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation carefully. Go through the list under heading Procedure for Air Navigation Services, AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION AND CHARTS.   Best of […]

What and how to study for RTR

What and how to study for Radiotelephony/ RTR (A)   Radio Telephony/ RTR (A) starter, To start with the subject, it should be clear in your mind that the knowledge of not just Radio systems but many of the avionics used in the aviation is a necessity. Additionally you need to be good in spoken […]

Radio Telephony/ RTR (A) Overview

RADIOTELEPHONY/ RTR (A) Radio Telephony For you, This is my first post here, feel free to comment what you feel about it and ask anything that you want to know on this subject. When I first decided to undergo the exam for RTR (A), I realised that not much of help is available online easily. […]