Terms and Definitions For RTR | RTR, FRTOL

Terms and Definitions For RTR/ FRTOL   Advisory Area. It is a designated area within a flight information region where air traffic advisory service is available.   Advisory Route. It is a route within a flight information region along which a traffic advisory service is available.   Note. Air traffic control service provides a much […]

ICAO Flight Plan

ICAO Flight Plan | ICAO Flight Plan For RTR/ FRTOL

ICAO Flight Plan FOR RTR/ FRTOL FLIGHT PLANNING Submission of a Flight Plan Information relative to an intended flight or portion of a flight, to be provided to air traffic service units, shall be in the form of a flight plan. A flight plan shall be submitted prior to operating: Any flight or portion thereof […]

ATS Route Designators and FIR List | ATS Route Designator

DESIGNATORS OF ATS ROUTE AND THEIR USE IN VOICE COMMUNICATION According to ICAO Annexure 11, basic designators of ATS routes shall consist of a maximum of five, in no case exceed six, alpha/ numeric characters in order to be usable by both ground and airborne automation systems. The designator shall indicate the type of the […]

Communication In Aviation | Study Material for CPL, Communication

COMMUNICATION IN AVIATION (STUDY MATERIAL FOR CPL/ ATPL)   Introduction Communication in aviation is mainly achieved by voice modulation of radio waves. The future however, seems to be in data transfer, which can be achieved without using the human voice. Not withstanding that, for the safe movement of air traffic, voice communication is still important. […]

Technical General Questions For CPL | Technical General Questions 2

Technical General Question bank for CPL/ATPL   Technical General Questions The four forces acting on an airplane in flight are lift, weight, thrust, & drag lift, weight, gravity, & thrust lift, gravity, power, & friction By changing the angle of attack of a wing, the pilot can control the airplane’s lift, airspeed, & drag lift, […]

Rule 39C

Verification of Certificates for Class X and XII from CBSE 6

Procedure of Applying for Verification  Certificates of Class X and XII from CBSE Go through the article carefully to understand the procedure for verification of class X and XII certificates and marksheet from CBSE Guidelines for verification of Certificates Applicants should use separate form for each certificate for verification of certificates. If necessary typed/Photostat application form […]

Procedure of Applying for Issue of FRTOL 21

Procedure of Applying for Issue of FRTOL   For Issue of FRTOL you need to send an application to  The Director Training & Licensing, O/O The Director General Of Civil Aviation, Civil Aviation Department, NEW DELHI – 110 003   The Format of Application for issue of FRTOL is as given below along with the […]

Rule 39C

Rule 39C

Rule 39C (Period of Validity of all Licences)

Rule 39C.   Period of validity of medical fitness Assessment and Licences (1)  The period of validity of medical fitness assessment and licence in respect of various categories shall be as specified in the following table,namely:   Category of licence   Validity of medical fitness assessment   Validity of licence (1) (2) (3) (i) Airline Transport Pilot’s […]


COMMERCIAL PILOTS LICENSE – AIRCRAFT TECHNICAL GENERAL  Questions Below you will find Part 2 of Technical General Questions Technical General Questions When an aircraft is inverted in flight, fuel starvation of the engine may be prevented by: The carburettor balance duct. The power jet. A stand tube. Carburettor anti-icing is normally provided by: Hot air […]

Arunaksha Nandy (Technical General questions)


AIRCRAFT TECHNICAL GENERAL QUESTIONS (Part 1) TECHNICAL GENERAL QUESTIONS   Using counter-rotation propellers has the effect of: Cancelling out the gyroscopic and torque effect. Cancelling out the gyroscopic effect and increasing the torque. Increasing the gyroscopic effect and the torque. With an increase in temperature, the service ceiling would: Increase Decrease Remain unaffected. In the choke […]