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RT Calls PPT For Radiotelephony/ RTR (A) 4

RT Calls PPT For Radiotelephony/ RTR (A)


I am posting a sample RT calls presentation along with this post. It contains mostly all contingencies. You can go through them. These calls will indicate the formats and the way calls are to be made in the Radiotelephony/ RTR (A) exam for situations given in the question paper.

In case you are not able to follow, whats in there, Feel free to contact me. I am always available for help.


Sample RT calls Presentation


Radiotelephony, RTR (A)

Airbus 380

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4 thoughts on “RT Calls PPT For Radiotelephony/ RTR (A)

  • Brig Ashwini Kumar

    Hi Nandi,
    Your guidance and notes are extremely helpful. Indeed grateful to on behalf of aviation fraternity to share this valuable info and notes in a concise form. Ur yeoman service has made our task much simpler.
    Warm Regards